If you are applying for an extended permit or renewing your residence permit card or residence card, it is possible for you to avoid visiting a service point to prove your identity. Read more about the requirements: migri.fi/en/identification.

There are two ways to create a user account:

Benefits of using strong identification:

Your user account is safer.
A user account that is created using strong identification is safer than an email account because your identity can be verified electronically.
No need to visit a service point or a Finnish embassy or consulate.
In some cases, you do not need to visit a service point or an embassy or consulate to prove your identity if:

  • you log in to Enter Finland using strong identification, meaning that your identity is verified online;
  • you apply for an extended permit.

However, this is not possible in all situations when you apply for an extended permit. When you apply online, Enter Finland will show you whether a personal visit is needed or not.