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Enter Finland for Legal Advisors and Representatives

You can use Enter Finland for Advisors and Representatives if you are an applicant's attorney, legal counsel, guardian or  representative.  First you must create a user account in Enter Finland using strong authentication, e.g. internet banking codes.  To do this, Enter Finland will take you directly to and then you will be returned to Enter Finland. Once your account has been opened, you have to verify that you have the authority to operate on behalf of your client by sending a power of attorney document.  

Through the service you can
- follow the status of your client's application
- send additional information regarding an application

- request for documents concerning your customers application directly to your Enter Finland account

-Receive supplement requests from the Finnish Immigration Service directly to your Enter Finland account and reply to the requests

This Service is for an applicant's attorney, legal counsel,  gurdian or representatives.  The service does not provide the possibility to make an application on behalf of a customer, receive a decision or make a complaint concerning a case. 


Identify yourself

You can verify your identity using the following options

Online banking identification

Mobile certificate

Certificate card


Submit a document proving legal proof of representation or power of attorney

You must provide proof that you can represent the applicant 

Fill in the required fields in 'create new case' page

Attach signed proof of representation

Send to Finnish Immigration Service 


Follow the application process online

Enter Finland for Advisors and Representatives checks the application status directly from the case management ststem of the Finnish Immigration Service. This way you can follow the application progress online yourself. 

The typical application processing time for cases varies depending on the complexity of the case.  You can check the estimated processing time from the processing time checker. 

Inquiries about application status

You will always get the latest and precise information on the application's status by checking it yourself in Enter Finland.

Enter Finland will notify you when your customer has received a decision. The decision is not provided to you through Enter Finland.


Supplement your client's application 

Current features

- You can follow the processing status of your clients application.

-You can send documents to the Finnish Immigration Service directly through your Enter Finland account. 

- You can request documents from the Finnish Immigration Service to be received through Enter Finland

- You can receive supplement request direcly into your Enter Finland account and reply directly the service


In the future you can receive and reply to document requests sent by the Finnish Immigration Service. 

Identify yourself

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