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Always sign in to Enter Finland with the latest version of your web browser and please use one of the following browsers to sign in: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari.

When you log in with online bank credentials and apply for an extended permit, you do not necessarily need to visit a service point to identify yourself. Read more about strong identification at migri.fi/en/identification.

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Enter Finland for Employers

You can use Enter Finland for Employers if you own, operate or represent a company which has been registered in Finland and has a business code (Y-tunnus). Before creating an account, you need to request a mandate to represent your company or association in the Suomi.fi online service. Choose the mandate "Employment-based immigration". Read the instructions on how to request a mandate on the website Suomi.fi.


First you must create a user account in Enter Finland using strong authentication, e.g. internet banking codes. After that, you have to verify that you have the authority to operate on behalf of your business. To do this, Enter Finland will take you directly to Suomi.fi and then you will be returned to Enter Finland.


As an employer using Enter Finland for Employers you can

  • follow the status of your employee’s application
  • submit the main work conditions (electronic TEM 0.54)
  • submit required documents
  • receive supplement requests and reply to them
  • send additional information regarding an application
  • pay the processing fee on your employee’s behalf
  • receive the decision in those cases where the TE Office makes a partial decision
  • submit an employee announcement for an employee who isn’t applying for a residence permit on the basis of working.

Please note that Enter Finland is a service for immigration matters and TE Office business services outside of residence permits or employee announcements are not available through Enter Finland.


Watch our webinar on Enter Finland for employers. The topic of the webinar is Enter Finland for Employers. Find out why the online service is useful, what you can do on Enter Finland as an employer, and what the roles of the employer and the employee are in the process. 


Identify yourself

Verify your own identity and your authority to represent your organization

You have to be authorized by the organization or company to use Enter Finland for Employers. The authorization is made via the Suomi.fi Valtuudet service.

Supplement your employee's residence permit application

You can send additional and required documents regarding your employee's application, and you can pay it on their behalf. If we need more information from you, we will send you a request through Enter Finland. You will be notified with SMS and email messages.

Submit work conditions

Submit documents

Pay processing fee


Send employee announcement

You can use Enter Finland to send an announcement to the Employment Office (TE Office), when you've hired someone who isn't an EU citizen (or equivalent) or the family member of an EU citizen (or equivalent). It is not necessary to submit an announcement if you already have or intend to declare the work conditions in a residence permit application for employment. Please note that the announcement is not a residence permit or a residence permit application and submitting it doesn't grant the right to work or reside in Finland. Making an announcement is a duty under the Aliens Act and must be done through other means if Enter Finland isn't used. Contact your local TE Office for more information.

Fill out the announcement

Send to Finnish Immigration Service

Review sent announcements


Follow the application process online

Enter Finland for Employers checks the application status directly from the case management system of the Finnish Immigration Service. This way you can follow application progress online yourself.

The target of the Finnish Immigration Service is to make a decision on residence permit applications on the basis of work within four months, except within three months for Blue Card applications. The processing time can vary depending on whether the Employment Office must make a partial decision first.

Inquiries about application status

You will always get the latest and precise information on the application's status by checking it yourself in Enter Finland.


You will receive the decision

Receive decision and partial decision

If the application is for a residence permit for an employed person, you can also read the actual decision and partial decision through Enter Finland once they have been made, unless in exceptional circumstances the decision is sent by post. You will always be able to see whether a decision has been made regardless of circumstances. If your employee applied on the basis of special expertise, research, sports, etc., only the application status is shown.

Identify yourself

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