If you are applying for an extended permit or citizenship or renewing your residence permit card or residence card, it is possible that you do not need to visit a service point to prove your identity. For more information about when visiting a service point is not necessary, see the page Identification migri.fi/en/identification
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Enter Finland for Employers


In this service, you can supplement your employee’s online residence permit application with information about the employment and your company, and pay for the application on behalf of the employee. 

You can use Enter Finland for Employers if you have a Business ID and your company has been registered in the Finnish Trade Register. Before creating an account in Enter Finland for Employers, visit the Suomi.fi service to request a mandate to represent your company or association. Choose the mandate ‘Employment-based immigration’. For instructions on how to request a mandate, see the website Suomi.fi.

Create a user account in Enter Finland using strong electronic identification, such as online banking credentials. After that you must confirm that you have the right to represent your company in Enter Finland. To do that, the service will direct you to the website Suomi.fi.

You can supplement your employee’s application when the employee has given a permission for this in his or her application in Enter Finland on the page ‘Employment details’. When giving the permission, the employee also enters your company’s Business ID, with which the information you provide will be linked to the employee’s application.


In Enter Finland for Employers, you can


  • pay for your employee’s application (this is not possible in fast-track applications) 
  • provide information about the terms of employment and about your company
  • give additional information and attach documents on behalf of your employee
  • receive requests for additional information and reply to them
  • follow the status of the application
  • be informed of the decision of the Finnish Immigration Service and the partial decision of the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office), if your employee is applying for a field-specific residence permit for an employed person
  • fill in the terms of employment for several employees at the same time, if the employees work under the same terms and conditions. For more information, see: Enter Finland for Employers.
  • submit an employee announcement, as required by the Aliens Act, as part of the application
  • apply for employer certification



  • submit only an employee announcement, if the employee already has a valid residence permit and right to work. An employee announcement is not a residence permit application, and submitting the announcement does not give a foreigner the right to reside or work in Finland. 


You can communicate with TE Offices through Enter Finland only if the matter is related to residence permit application for an employed person or to employee announcements.



Follow and supplement the residence permit applications of your employees

To be able to use Enter Finland for Employers, you must have a mandate to represent the company or association. Request a mandate in the online service Suomi.fi.

You can submit the terms of employment, add information and attachments and pay the application processing fee on behalf of your employee. If more information is needed for the application, you will get a request for additional information in Enter Finland and receive a notification of this by email and as text message.

You will see the status of your employee’s application in Enter Finland for Employers. Enter Finland for Employers checks the information directly from the case management system of the Finnish Immigration Service and the TE Offices. You can also check the application’s place in the processing queue by asking chatbot Kamu, who can be found on the bottom right corner of the page.

If the application is for a residence permit for an employed person, which requires a partial decision by a TE office, you will be informed of the partial decision of the TE Office.You will be able to see in Enter Finland for Employers when the Finnish Immigration Service decision has been made, even though you cannot see the actual decision document.


Submit an employee announcement

If your employee already has a valid residence permit and the right to work, you can just submit an employee announcement. You do not need to submit the announcement if you fill in the terms of employment in the employee’s application for a work-based residence permit.


In other words, when employing a third-country national, you must submit an employee announcement to a TE Office one way or another. Submit the announcement also if your employee has applied for temporary protection. For information about submitting an employee announcement, see the website of the TE Offices.


Apply for employer certification

You can apply for employer certification if you meet the requirements for the certification. You can follow the status of the application and will be informed of the decision. As a certified employer, you do not need to submit all the required details every time an employee of yours applies for a residence permit. The Finnish Immigration Service publishes a list of certified employers on its website.

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