Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the service for?

The service is for the legal assistants and representatives of applicants.  Asylum seekers can not use the service themselves. 

You must personally sign in to the service by identifying at the site with your bank ID, mobile certificate or certificate card.

You can start using the service by signing up into the Enter Finland for advisors and representatives and by sending a power of attorney through the service to Migri. Once the power of attorney has been accepted by Migri you will be allowed access to follow the processing of applications and to send information to Migri through the service.

2. What can I do in Enter Finland?

- Send to the Finnish Immigration Service an power of attorney / district court order concerning representation
- Follow an applicant's application status
- Send additional information and documents directly to Migri

- You can request documents from Migri directly through the service

3. What services are not available within Enter Finland for legal advisors and representatives?

- You cannot lodge an application

- You cannot cancel an application
- You cannot receive an asylum decision through the service

- You cannot appeal through the service

4. When can I use the service?

You can activate the service at any point after the application has been lodged until the application has gained legal force. Once an application gains legal force the service will close in relation to that applicant.

5. How can I see the status of an application in Enter Finland?

Changes made in the UMA electronic case management system of the Finnish Immigration Service change the application status in Enter Finland.

If you have sent a power of attorney but the Finnish Immigration Service has not yet processed it, the status of the case is "waiting for approval of power of attorney."

If the power of attorney has been approved but the applicant has not yet been interviewed, the status shown in "waiting for interview". If the interview has been held but a decision is yet to be made, the status of the application is "waiting for decision".

Once the decision notification has been made to the applicant, the status of the case is,"decision notified to applicant". If a compaint is made concerning the decision of an application, the status changes to " complaint period".

Within other than asylum applications, there are only three different status, "waiting for processing" , "processing" and "decision made"

You can also follow the case events on your dashboard.

Changes made in the UMA electronic case management system of the Finnish Immigration Service change the application status in Enter Finland automatically and due to this

 the status information may not be 100% reliable.


6. What to do if a customer wants to change their legal advisor/ representative during the process?

The applicant cannot have more than one legal advisor or representative simultaneously.

If the applicant acquires a new legal advisor or representative and the new person opens an Enter Finland account and also if an power of attorney is manually exported to the applicants case through the electronic case management system, this closes your contact with the customer in Enter Finland.

The service is primarily left open to the person for whom the service was first opened.

If there is a new advisor notification from a new advisor, the service will not be opened unless there is a written statement from the previous advisor where it is stated that this person is aware that their Enter Finland connection will be closed due to the new advisor. If a connection is closed for the first advisor and opened for the second assistant thr first advisor can still communicate with Migri on the client's behalf through other service channels.

If you have opened an connection to Enter Finland for an applicant that you no longer assist or represent, please notify the Finnish Immigration Service so that the connection can be closed.

7. What should I do in problem situations?

In relation to technical problems, we ask you to contact the Helpdesk at


Technical support
If you are having technical problems while using this service, please send us an email with a detailed description of the problem:
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