Finnish citizenship
Citizenship declaration
Citizenship declaration for a former Finnish citizen

Citizenship declaration for a former Finnish citizen

This declaration form is for you if you are a former Finnish citizen and have lost your Finnish citizenship.
You may apply for Finnish citizenship with this form also for underage children in your custody. The child is then referred to as a co-applicant. Co-applicants may only be granted citizenship in connection with their guardian’s application. If you do not obtain Finnish citizenship, the child will not obtain citizenship either. If you are applying for citizenship for a child who also has another guardian, you must attach a signed consent from the other guardian. If the child is between the age of 12 and 14, you need a signed attestation of hearing the child, and if the child is between the age of 15 and 17, you need a signed attestation of the child's consent.
Forms for the consent of the other guardian, for hearing the child and for the consent of the child are available at www.migri.fi/en/citizenship-applications.


Get ready

Check that you have all the necessary attachments and information in electronic format before you begin. You must have at least:

  • a valid identity document
  • a certificate of citizenship decision or other official certificate indicating how and on what basis you have acquired your current citizenship (this is not required if the information has been entered into the Population Information System)
  • a birth certificate indicating your parents and place of birth if your information is not registered in the Population Information System.


Complete the application and select your service point

Complete the application form and attach all the required documents. Select your service point. The service point is where you prove your identity within three months of submitting your application. If you are applying for a permit abroad, visit a Finnish embassy or consulate. If you are applying in Finland, visit a Migri service point. Please take into account that the service points can be very busy. If you are in Finland, you can book an appointment before submitting an application in Migri's appointments system. If you are abroad, contact the embassy or consulate directly.


Pay and submit your application

The processing of an application is subject to a fee. The application must be paid for via the e-service. You can pay the processing fee with most credit cards, or use the online banking services provided by Finnish banks.


Visit the selected authority to identify yourself

After you have submitted your application via the e-service, you must visit the appropriate authority to prove your identity and present the original versions of the attachments required for your application. Any co-applicants must also be present.


Follow the processing of your application

You can follow the processing of your application in the e-service. If further information or documents are required for your application, we will send you a request through the e-service. You will receive a notification when a decision has been made and can be read online.

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