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Always sign in to Enter Finland with the latest version of your web browser and please use one of the following browsers to sign in: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari.

When you log in with online bank credentials and apply for an extended permit, you do not necessarily need to visit a service point to identify yourself. Read more about strong identification at migri.fi/en/identification.


I need help using Suomi.fi.

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Please contact Public Service Info. The Finnish Immigration Service does not maintain Suomi.fi and unfortunately we can not help you with using it.

My employee sent an application and agreed to share it to me, the employer, but I haven't created an Enter Finland for Employers account yet. What can I do?

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If the business code given was correct, you can create an Enter Finland for Employers account after the fact and follow the application, even though it has been sent to the service before the Employer account was created.

According to Enter Finland, a decision or a partial decision has been made on the application, but I can't read it. How can I read it?

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The Finnish Immigration Service will serve the decision and partial decision once the Immigration Service has made its decision. The decision is not served to the employer at all, if the employer does not have the right of appeal in that type of application (e.g. with special experts, athletes and researchers, the employer has no right of appeal). In addition, in some situations the decision can not be served due to technical or legal reasons, either at all or for some time. In these situations we kindly ask you to patiently wait for us to contact you or for us to send you a letter.

How can I make sure that the document I sent to you in Enter Finland has been received?

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If the application events show that the document or response has been sent, and if the application attachments include the documents you've sent, they have definitely been received.

How can I tell that my reply to a supplement request was sufficient?

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We will send you a new request if the information you provided was not enough to process the application.

Can I get more precise information on the status of my application by calling you?

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No. We can not give you more information on the phone than you can see yourself in Enter Finland. You will always get the latest and precise information on your application's status by checking it yourself in Enter Finland.

According to Enter Finland, the processing ground of the application has been changed. What does it mean?

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Choosing the correct form can sometimes be difficult. For example, if the applicant applied for a residence permit for an employed person, where the Economic Development and Employment Office evaluates whether the employer should recruit an employee from Finland first, but the applicant could receive a residence permit as a special expert, where this evaluation is not made and the processing time is much shorter, we will process the application as a special expert application. This change is made only when it benefits the applicant and doesn't disadvantage the applicant in any way. The change is also only made when the basic reason for applying stays the same (employment, family ties, studying). For example, a residence permit application for family ties is never processed as a residence permit application for employment. However, changing the processing ground doesn't update completely into Enter Finland, so the application events and the estimated processing time may no longer be valid for that application. However, the information on whether or not there has been a decision will always be updated correctly.
Technical support
If you are having technical problems with using this service please send us an email with detailed description of the problem: esupport@migri.fi
Residence permits on the basis of working
If you want to know more about work permits, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service: www.migri.fi