Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Upon booking an appointment from the authorities, I was told that there are no available appointments for verifying my identity within the next three months, which is the deadline. What should I do?
If you are already in Finland, check whether there are appointments available in an Immigration Service office other than the one nearest to you. You can also come to the Immigration Service without an appointment, although you may need to wait in line.

If the given time limit is crossed for the reason that the Finnish embassy or consulate has no available appointments, it will not affect the processing of your application. If the embassy has given you an appointment for the verification of your identity, you do not need to ask for extra time. Please state the time of your appointment on the 'Send additional information' page within three months after submitting your application.
I have visited an authority to identify myself, but there is no progress on the status of my application. Should I do something?
Do not be alarmed in the event that the service does not indicate that your application has been initiated immediately after your identification visit. The authorities sometimes face some degree of congestion and are therefore unable immediately to transfer your application to the Finnish Immigration Service for processing. Your application will be passed on as soon as possible. No action is required on your part. You will be contacted if any further clarification is required for your application.
Can I use the e-service to change the service point I have selected?
You cannot change your service point in the e-service, but you can submit a free-form addition to your matter. If you wish to visit a different mission (embassy or consulate) than the mission where you have submitted your application, please also contact the mission in question. If you are in Finland and have chosen one of the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service, you can also choose to visit another service point. Please remember to tell the employee at the Finnish Immigration Service which service point you originally chose.
How can I digitize my documents? How can I combine my files into a single document? How can I make them smaller?
How can I digitize my documents?

Please see the guide on our website for detailed instructions by clicking on this text.

It is possible to upload only one document as an attachment, but I have several files that concern the same matter. How can I combine my files into a single document?​

Open the files with a word-processing program (for example Word) and combine them into a single document. If possible, save the document as a PDF file.

You can combine images in the same way. If you have an image-processing program, you can use it to combine images.

Do not reduce the size too much so that the files are easy to read.

Remember to pay attention to data security, especially if you use a public computer or programs available on websites. 

The maximum size for an attachment is 4 megabytes, and my files are larger than that. How can I make them smaller?

You can reduce the size of your attached documents when scanning them. In the scanner settings, select ‘black and white’ or ‘monochrome’ and a resolution of 150 dpi, for instance. Resolution governs the level of detail when the image is scanned.

If the attachment is an image, you can reduce its size by opening the file in an image processing program, reducing the size of the image and then saving the file again.
When will my residence permit application that I submitted via the e-service become pending?
Your application becomes pending immediately after you have submitted it via the e-service. However, the processing of the application cannot begin before you visit a service point to verify that you have sent the application. For that reason, you must visit the service point that you have chosen in the e-service to confirm your identity, so that the processing of your application can begin.
What should I do when notified of the decision on my residence permit application?
When notified that a decision has been made, please wait for the authorities to contact you. They will inform you of where you can collect a copy of the decision, or whether it will be delivered to you.

If you have been granted a residence permit, you will receive a residence permit card. It takes several days to manufacture the card; these cannot be collected as soon as a positive decision is made.
Can I apply for an extension to my residence permit outside Finland?
No, you cannot. You must apply for an extended residence permit in Finland. In the e-service it is only possible to select a Finnish Immigration Service service point as the place where you must visit.
I sent an incorrect online application by mistake. I have not yet visited the service point that I have selected. Can I delete the application that I have already sent and make a new one?
You yourself cannot delete an application that you have sent in the e-service. If you have not visited your service point, send an e-mail to e-support@migri.fi and explain why you want your application to be deleted. We will consider case by case whether an application may be deleted.
I have visited my service point and paid the application fee. Is it too late to cancel my application?
You can cancel your application at any time when the application is pending. More information can be found on the web pages about residence permits and citizenship.
How can I get a receipt for the application fee that I have paid?
We can see your payment in our system and do not require a receipt. If you, however, need a receipt, you can use your credit card or bank statement as a receipt.
Technical support
If you are having technical problems while using this service, please send us an email with a detailed description of the problem:
EU registrations and extended permits
If you want to know more about Finnish citizenship, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service: www.migri.fi
First residence permits and citizenship applications
If you want to know more about residence permits, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service: www.migri.fi
Finnish embassies
More information about visiting Finnish embassies and consulates can be found on their web pages at the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs: www.formin.finland.fi.