If you are applying for an extended permit or citizenship or renewing your residence permit card or residence card, it is possible that you do not need to visit a service point to prove your identity. For more information about when visiting a service point is not necessary, see the page Identification migri.fi/en/identification


Frequently asked questions about the online service

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For frequently asked questions about the online service, see migri.fi/faq-online-service In Frequently asked questions, you will also find answers to other questions.

Visiting a service point and the processing of applications

Booking an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service

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For instructions on how to book an appointment, see migri.fi/booking-an-appointment



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Applications are subject to a fee. You can pay the processing fee with the most common credit cards or using Finnish online banking codes. You can also pay the processing fee when you visit a Finnish embassy or consulate or the Finnish Immigration Service to prove your identity. We will not start processing your application until you have paid the fee.
For further information, see migri.fi/processing-fees-and-payment-methods

Adding attachments to your application

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Watch this video: Adding documents to your application in Enter Finland
In addition, see Attachments in Frequently asked questions.
You can also read more at migri.fi/notify-us-of-changes 
Enter Finland support

If you have a technical problem, please email an exact description and if possible a screenshot of the problem to esupport@migri.fi


If you have any questions about the use of the Enter Finland service, we can help you on weekdays from 8:30 am to 15:30 pm at the service number 0295 790 606.


In other matters, you will find our contact details at the address migri.fi/en/contact-information

Finnish citizenship

If you want to know more about Finnish citizenship, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service: migri.fi/en/finnish-citizenship

First residence permits and EU registration

If you want to know more about residence permits or EU registation, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service: migri.fi/en/residence-permit or migri.fi/en/eu-citizen

Finnish missions (embassies and consulates)
To find out more about Finnish missions, see the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the web pages of the missions: finlandabroad.fi