Extended residence permits

Extended residence permits

You need to apply for a new fixed-term residence permit, also called an extended residence permit, before your current permit expires. You should apply in good time before you existing permit expires. However, please don't apply until there are less than three months before your current permit expires, so that the information you provide is still relevant when we begin processing your application.

You cannot yet apply online for a permanent residence permit or an extended permit to look for work (also known as jobseeker's permit).

You can apply for an extension on the e-service even if you haven't used the e-service before.

If you are already in Finland, but don't have and haven't had a residence permit yet, you need to apply for a first residence permit. A visa is not a residence permit.

Select the correct application

You continue working in Finland as an employed or a self-employed person.
You continue your studies in Finland.
You continue your family life with your family member in Finland.