If you are applying for an extended permit or citizenship or renewing your residence permit card or residence card, it is possible that you do not need to visit a service point to prove your identity. For more information about when visiting a service point is not necessary, see the page Identification migri.fi/en/identification
Seasonal work
Seasonal work certificate

Request for a seasonal work certificate

Use this form to request a certificate for seasonal work if you do not need a visa to travel to Finland and are going to arrive in Finland for seasonal work for a maximum of 90 days. The certificate will show that you have a right to do seasonal work in Finland. If you need a visa to travel to Finland, apply for a visa for seasonal work at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate).



If you request for a certificate for seasonal work with this form, please do not send additional requests to the Finnish Immigration Service by email.


Get ready

Check that you have all the necessary attachments and information before you begin. You must have at least:


  • Copies of the passport page containing personal data and of all passport pages that contain markings (such as stamps or visas). Your passport must still be valid for three months after your certificate for seasonal work has expired.
  • appendix to seasonal work permit application (TY6_plus), filled in and signed by the employer. When you apply for a permit in Enter Finland, you can give your employer permission to supplement your application in Enter Finland for Employers. Your employer needs to supplement your application with the following information: Information about terms of employment. If it is not possible to use Enter Finland, submit the supplement form TY6_plus, filled in and signed by your employer, together with your application.
  • If you are employed by a temporary-work agency, the contract between the temporary-work agency and the user company must be attached to the application. The contract must contain information about the parties of the contract, the period of validity of the contract and the work duties in the work location.


If other attachments are required, this will be indicated in the application.


Complete the application

Carefully complete the application form and attach all the required documents.


Pay and submit the application

The processing of the certificate request is subject to a fee. You must pay the fee before you can send the request. You can pay the processing fee with most credit cards, or use the online banking services provided by Finnish banks, or you or your employer may pay by bank transfer and attach a receipt of the payment.


Follow the processing 

The maximum processing time prescribed by law is 90 days. 


If we need additional information for your application, we will send you a request for additional information in the online service. If you receive a request, it is important that you reply within the time limit set out in the request.


The certificate will be sent to you in the e-service and you can print it for yourself or your employer from the e-service. You will receive a notification by e-mail or text message, when your request has been processed.


You only need to send this form to request for a certificate. Please do not send additional requests for a certificate for seasonal work to the Finnish Immigration Service by email. It will not speed up the processing of your request.   

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