If you are applying for an extended permit or citizenship or renewing your residence permit card or residence card, it is possible that you do not need to visit a service point to prove your identity. For more information about when visiting a service point is not necessary, see the page Identification migri.fi/en/identification

Continuing your studies in Finland

This residence permit application is for you if you are studying at a Finnish educational institution where you have already been accepted as a student. The studies must be undergraduate studies, leading to a degree or vocational qualification. Applicable educational institutions include universities and universities of applied sciences, vocational education institutions and exchange students in the above mentioned educational institutions and upper secondary schools. In special cases, a residence permit for studies may be issued for studies other than those described above.


Get ready

Remember to apply for an extended permit before your previous residence permit expires.
Before you begin, please check that you have all the necessary attachments and information at hand.

  • copy of valid passport
  • certificate of attendance from educational institution
  • report on the progress of your studies
  • clarification of income
  • certificate of insurance.

When you apply for an extended permit, you may not need to visit a service point if you use strong identification in Enter Finland. You must use the same account as you previously used when you applied for a permit. Log in to Enter Finland using your Finnish online banking credentials, citizen certificate or mobile certificate. Read more at migri.fi/identification#account.


Fill in the application and choose your service point

Fill in the application form and add the required attachments. Choose a service point. 
Add the retrieval code for your digital passport photo from the photo shop to your application. 

  • If you do not add a retrieval code or you add it after you have submitted the application, you must visit a service point to prove your identity and bring a passport photo with you.
Please note that the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service may be busy. You can book an appointment already before you submit your application. Use the appointment system of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Pay and submit the application

Applications are subject to a fee. You can pay the processing fee in Enter Finland with the most common credit cards or using Finnish online banking services. 

  • If you do not pay the processing fee in Enter Finland, you must visit a service point to prove your identity and pay the processing fee there.


Visit the selected authority to prove your identity

After you submit your application, Enter Finland will tell you what you need to do next. If required, visit a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service to prove your identity and present the original copies of the attachments you added to your application. Book an appointment in advance using the appointment system of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Follow the processing 

You can follow the processing of your application in the e-service. If further information or documents are required for your application, we will send you a request through the e-service. You will receive a notification when a decision has been made and can be read online.

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