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When you log in with online bank credentials and apply for an extended permit, you do not necessarily need to visit a service point to identify yourself. Read more about strong identification at migri.fi/en/identification.
Extended residence permits
Extended residence permit for working

Extended residence permit for working

Read more about permit extensions at migri.fi.

Extended permit for an employed person

You are employed by a Finnish employer or an employer operating in Finland and apply for an extended residence permit.

Extended permit for a person employed as a special expert

You are a specialist, visiting teacher, lecturer, instructor or consultant. You work in the top or middle management for a company or you are applying for an EU Blue Card.

Extended permit for a seasonal worker

Your work is seasonal, takes place in a certain field, and lasts for 3–9 months. Jobs in forestry, crop production or at festivals are examples of seasonal work that requires a residence permit.

Extended permit for a trainee

You are a trainee or you will take part in an exchange programme of a non-governmental organisation.

Extended permit for a researcher

You are a researcher.

Extended permit for an au pair

You will work in Finland as an au pair.

Extended permit for an entrepreneur

You are an entrepreneur or a start up entrepreneur.

Extended permit for an athlete or a coach

You work as a professional athlete, coach or a sports judge or referee.

Extended permit for other employment

You are in the service of a religious community or a non-profit association, or work professionally in culture. You work in an international organisation You are in the mass media and your employer is not Finnish. You have been transferred within your company and hold a higher education degree.
You have received a degree in Finland or will come to Finland to install a specific machine or device. You have other gainful employment that requires a residence permit.