If you are applying for an extended permit or citizenship or renewing your residence permit card or residence card, it is possible that you do not need to visit a service point to prove your identity. For more information about when visiting a service point is not necessary, see the page Identification migri.fi/en/identification
Finnish citizenship

Finnish citizenship

If you meet the requirements for naturalisation, you may acquire Finnish citizenship by application. You may acquire Finnish citizenship by application if

  • your identity has been established beyond doubt
  • you have reached the age of 18 (a dependent child under the age of 18 can apply for citizenship as co-applicant with the main applicant)
  • you meet the residential period requirement, meaning that you have lived in Finland for a sufficient length of time
  • you meet the integrity requirement
  • you have not neglected your payment obligations
  • you have established your means of livelihood
  • you have sufficient language skills.
When you apply for citizenship, you must have a valid residence permit and a valid passport.

In certain cases, an easier way of acquiring Finnish citizenship is by declaration. Finnish citizenship may be acquired by declaration by

  • a child born out of wedlock if his or her father is a Finnish citizen,
  • an adopted child aged between 12 and 17,
  • former Finnish citizens,
  • citizens of other Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), or
  • young persons aged between 18 and 22 years.

For more information on applying for Finnish citizenship and the requirements for naturalisation, as well as possible exceptions to the requirements, please visit http://www.migri.fi/en



If you are not sure which grounds for applying you should choose, use the Application Finder on the Finnish Immigration Service website to find out.

Select the application that suits your situation

Citizenship application
You meet the requirements for naturalisation.
Citizenship declaration
You belong to a group that can acquire Finnish citizenship by declaration.

You can check the expected processing time on the website Migri.fi on the specific page of each application or by using the Processing Time Checker at migri.fi/processing-times.

It is difficult to estimate the exact processing times for applications, since the processing times may vary case by case. The processing times are longer if, for example, all necessary documents have not been attached to the application and further information is required to process the application.

You can follow the status of your application on your user account. Please note that inquiries about the status of applications take up our time, which may, in turn, lead to longer processing times.