Terms of use for the e-service

Terms of use for the e-service

The user of this service agrees to comply with the following terms of use

The Finnish Immigration Service provides an e-service, which is available in Finnish, Swedish and English at www.enterfinland.fi

Before you use the e-service (hereinafter service), you must carefully read and accept the following terms of use.

Parties to service use
The Finnish Immigration Service (hereinafter Migri) will provide the service. Contact information for Migri:
Migri,  P. O. Box 10, FI-00086 Maahanmuuttovirasto

Decisions on matters instituted via the service will be issued by Migri based on responsibilities prescribed by law. The service may be used by natural persons only, who, by using the service, accept these terms of use as binding and agree to comply with them.
Purpose of the service
The service provides an electronic channel for filing immigration and citizenship matters as well as for advice and for service of decisions on such matters.
Purpose of the terms of use
These terms of use include provisions on the duties, rights and obligations of Migri and the service user. The content of the service is determined on the basis of legislation, these terms of use and the service's file description.

User account and technical requirements

A user can join the service by registering as a user on the service website and by accepting the terms of use as binding. Migri may also require the user to provide specific information when creating a user account. To create a user account, users must choose a user name and a password.


Users are responsible for the data security of their own information and telecommunications systems, and for any damage resulting from inadequate data security.


Users are allowed to use the service solely for their personal applications and the applications of any children in their care. Also the applicant's attorney or legal counsel may use the service on behalf of the applicant. If the applicant is under 18 years of age or for some other reason does not have legal capacity, the applicant's parent or guardian or a representative assigned to the applicant in accordance with the Act on the Reception of Persons Applying for International Protection and Identifying and Assisting Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (746/2011) may use the service on behalf of the applicant.If a client has several counsels, such as a legal counsel and also another counsel,only one of them can use the e-service to handle the client's matter.The service is primarily left open for the counsel to whom the connection to the case was opened first. If the connection is approved for a first counsel and a new Power of Attorney is sent to the same case by another counsel, the service will not be opened for the new counsel, unless there is a written consent attached to the POA stating the approval from the previous counsel to remove their connection to the case.


Users are permitted to use the service solely for the applications of their own organisation or one that they represent.


Users are responsible for ensuring the secure use of their user names and passwords and for preventing third parties from gaining access to them. Users are obliged to inform Migri if they lose the user name or password created within the service, or if a third party gains access to either of these. Failure to inform Migri will lead to liability for any misuse of the service with the said identifiers, and for any damages arising from such misuse.Upon request; users can be provided with a new user name and password. In such a case, the user’s service access rights may be transferred to the new user name and password.


Migri has the right to change the user name and password of the user and to alter any other identifiers required to access the service if necessary for technical or other acceptable reasons.

Technical service requirements

In order to create a user account and submit an application, the user must have a personal e-mail account. To create a user account, either an e-mail address, Finnish online banking credentials or an electronic identity card issued by the Finnish police is required. The applicant’s attorney, legal counsel, guardian or representative must create an user account using strong electronic identification.


Use of the service requires that the browser accepts cookies and that JavaScript is enabled. Data for the service is produced as PDF documents. The user must have Adobe Reader or a similar PDF reader. Adobe Reader may be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website (http://get.adobe.com/fi/reader/).


The service has been tested with the browser versions Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 42, Mozilla Firefox 32 and Safari 8.0.6. We recommend equivalent or newer browser versions. The service can be used with most Windows, Android and iOS mobile devices.

User's obligations and responsibilities

In order to submit an application in the service, the user must have the right to do so under the Aliens Act or Nationality Act.
A residence permit application may be submitted only by the applicant or their legal representative. If the application is submitted by a legal representative, the applicant must also generally be present at that time. Under exceptional circumstances, such as when the applicant has health issues, the applicant does not have to be present; in such cases, a statement must be provided, and the applicant may be requested to come in person at a later date.
The user is responsible for not submitting applications from their user account with-out the right to do so. If a residence permit application is submitted by a person who does not have the right to do so, it will not be processed. A residence permit application may not be submitted on behalf of an adult family member, and an employer does not have the right to submit an application permit for an employee on their be-half. Applicattions for international protection cannot be submitted through the service. A person who wishes to apply for international protection must personally notify the border control authorities or the police of his or her wish upon entry into the country or as soon after the entry as possible.
Users are responsible for ensuring that any material they upload to the service does not contain viruses or any other elements that might harm the system. Similarly, users are responsible for ensuring that they do not disseminate such material or handle it in any other way that may be harmful. Users agree not to use the service for sending messages that might harm or disrupt the service, such as junk mail, chain letters and unsolicited bulk e-mail. Migri uses usage reports and antivirus and antimalware scans to control the material processed via the service.
If users duly log in to carry out transactions via the service, they cannot contest such transactions on the basis of their having been conducted via the service.

The applicant's attorney, legal counsel, guardian, or representative must commit to handling the documents obtained through the service in accordance with the handling requirements that correspond to the protection level of the documents. One of the requirements is that the documents shall not be distributed to anyone who does not have the right to access them. If the service is used on a public computer, the browsing history must be deleted after each session. The user must also make sure that the application documents are destroyed in accordance with the protection level of the documents after the decision in the matter has become final. Documents that are sent from the Finnish Immigration Service to attorneys, counsels, guardians and representatives will be watermarked so that the origin of a certain document can be traced to a certain user account.

The user should handle applications matters online with Migri as far as possible within the framework of the e-service.
Migri or some other authority may request that the user supplements his or her application via the e-service in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and the Aliens Act or the Nationality Act. The user must answer the request within the given time limit or the application may be rejected.


Users are required to visit a service point of their choice for identification purposes
Within three months of having submitted any application via the service, the user must visit a Finnish embassy or consulate of his or her choice or a Migri service point in order to verify his or her identity and to present the original copies of any attachments required for the application. No separate request will be sent.
An application cannot be processed until the applicant has visited the embassy or consulate or the Migri service point he or she has selected in the service. Failure to verify one's identity within the specified time will result in the application being rejected. The processing fee will not be refunded.
The user can contact the chosen service point and request more time to visit the service point in order to prove his or her identity.
An application becomes pending when the application is submitted via the service. However, the official processing time begins after the applicant has proved his or her identity and presented the original copies of the documents attached to the application at an embassy or a consulate or a Migri service point.
If, when submitting a work-based residence permit application, the applicant has consented that the employer specified in the application can supplement the application in the e-service on their behalf, the employer must supplement the application by disclosing the key work conditions and providing the statements required by the service before the application can be processed. The processing period begins only once the employer has reported said information to the authority, even if the applicant has already verified their identity in person.

Handling of the user's personal information

Users are required to provide Migri with their personal data and other information required for access. Users are obliged to inform Migri of any changes in their personal information. Users can save their electronic contact information (e-mail address and mobile phone number) in the service if they wish to be informed of documents delivered through the service (notice of delivery).  Users who do not wish to receive notices to their mobile phone may delete their phone number from the contact information section. Users are responsible for ensuring that the contact information they provide is accurate and up to date.
For user identification purposes, Migri is required to handle user's personal data, such as name, personal identity code and date of birth. Information obtained through the service is recorded in the case management system used by the authorities, in accordance with the file description. Customers' personal data is handled in accordance with the related legislation and file descriptions.
The Enter Finland service uses the Suomi.fi Valtuudet service to verify the authorisations of organisations. When to user moves to the website Suomi.fi, the terms and conditions of that website will apply. Migri is not responsible for the content or the functioning of the identification services at Suomi.fi

Documents submitted through the service

Users are responsible for ensuring the legibility of any attachments they submit with their application or announcement, and of any documents submitted afterwards. Application documents are retained in the service for a period of 90 days from the date on which a decision in the matter was served. The documents are then removed from the service.
Employee announcement documents will be stored in the service for 30 days after sending. After that time, the documents will be removed from the service.


The documents uploaded to the section reserved for attorneys, legal counsels, guardians and representatives are stored in the service for 30 days after the decision on the matter has become legally binding. After that time, the documents will be removed from the service. Attorneys, counsels, guardians and representatives cannot use the e-service to request for documents about a matter in which a final decision has been made, if the client does not have any other active, pending matters at the agency. In this case, a request for documents should be sent by email to arkisto@migri.fi.
The authority issuing the decision will file the application documents for a period prescribed by law and specified in the records management plan. Users can request a copy of any documentation related to a matter initiated electronically, even after the copies have been removed from the service.
Migri is entitled to remove any material submitted by the user if the material infringes on any copyrights or other rights, violates any legal provisions or these terms of use, or is potentially harmful.

Migri's responsibility

Migri is continuously developing its service and reserves the right to change the service and its content as part of its regular activities in the manner and at the times it deems fit. Migri has the right to discontinue service provision at any time.
Migri shall not be liable for any damage caused by a third party’s information system or communications errors or malfunctions, or a third party’s technical faults or malware.
Migri is entitled to close the service or an individual user account if there is reason to suspect that the service is the target of data security attacks or if, when accessing the service, the user fails to comply with these agreed terms of use, the law or good practice. Migri is also entitled to close an individual user account if the user accesses it in a manner that compromises service functions or data security arrangements, or if there are grounds for suspecting misuse.


Migri aims to keep the information in the e-service up-to-date and accurate. Users must note, however, that Migri is not responsible for any expenses or damages brought to users because of insufficient or faulty information. Nor is Migri responsible for any damage that the use of the e-service or being prevented from using the e-service may cause.

Provision of false information

In Finland, providing the authorities with false personal data or a false written statement, or causing harm to data processing, is an act punishable under the Criminal Code and may lead to a sentence (Criminal Code, chapter 16:5, 7 and 8 §, and chapter 34:9 a §).
The provision of false information may lead to refusal to grant a permit or the cancellation of a permit already granted, removal from the country and a prohibition of entry into the Schengen area.

Electronic service

By accepting these terms of use, the user consents, in accordance with sections 18 and 19 § of the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector, to electronic service of any decisions. Regardless of the user's consent, the authorities may use other means of service.
A document requiring verifiable service is deemed served when the user has used the e-service to open the document in question. Verifiably served documents do not require separate acknowledgement by the user. The service automatically informs Migri of the time at which the document was opened. Any appeal period associated with the document served begins at the time the document is opened.
Migri will use a separate notification to inform the user that a document that is to be served has been delivered to the e-service. If the user fails to open a document requiring verifiable service within seven days of the delivery of the document to the e-service, the authority is obliged to use other verifiable means of service provided by law.
Migri is not responsible for the arrival of the message to the user. If the message does not arrive, this will not affect the date of the service laid down in section 19 (2) § of the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector, which possibly is imposed on the user.

A document served by ordinary means, in other words by letter, is deemed served on the third day of its delivery to the e-service. Documents served by ordinary means do not require a separate acknowledgement from the user. Migri will send a separate notification to the user when a document that is to be served has been delivered to the e-service.

Users who do not have the right of appeal on application decisions may be provided with a copy of the decision for their information, but this does not give them exceptional right of appeal.

Migri may refrain from disclosing a decision to a user through the e-service if there are legal or administrative grounds for this.

Decision on international protection are not served online.

Other terms and conditions

External service provider
Any mentions of a Finnish mission (Finnish embassy or consulate) and its service point in the terms of use also applies to any such external service provider and its service point that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have entered into a contract with. Such a service provider has the right to charge a service fee when a person is applying for a residence permit.

The service is provided free of charge, but an application processing fee is charged
Before the processing of an application can continue or begin, an application processing fee must be paid (Aliens Act, section 10 a §, Nationality Act, section 44 (5) §). Your application for a residence permit will expire if the processing fee is not paid. No fee is charged for the use of the e-service.

The processing fee will not be refunded if the application is withdrawn after measures to process the application have been taken. Processing is deemed to have begun once the application has been submitted via the service.

Other terms
Migri has the right to change these terms of use by notifying users via the service. Such changes will enter into force when notification arrives via the service.

In addition to these terms of use, access to the service is governed by the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector (13/2003), as amended, and the Aliens Act (301/2004), as amended.